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A. 18 New Certified Lean Masters

The world has 18 more graduates from the Certified Lean Master program.

See who has become a leader in the lean community…

B. 2017 Supply Chain Alignment Competition and Team Building Event

We are please to be collaborating with some great organizations to bring this challenging event to you.

See what you need to do to prove you are the best…

C. Manager or Leader – Which Are You?

Guest contributor, Mike Stickler, explores the differences.

Learn how you can become a leader…

D. Coaching Supporting Improvement Is Now Available

We have a great new program designed to teach your team to become problem solvers while they solve one of your challenging problems.

Discover how you can benefit from this new program…

E. Calendar for Certified Lean Master Program

The Certified Lean Master program is red hot and we have three options early 2017.

Starting January 25, 2017 in Boulder…

Starting February 15, 2017 in Boulder…

Starting April 5, 2017 in Omaha…

Starting April 19, 2017 in Naperville…

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