Our Team

It takes a special person to be a Transformance Advisor.

We have assembled a great team of individuals that possess the rare combination of knowledge, experience, wisdom, and passion.

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Mike Loughrin

Problem Solving Coach

Mike is passionate about helping people create sustainable organizations. He brings exceptional experience in both industry and consulting services and has helped organizations such as Levi Strauss, Warner Home Video, Lexmark, and Sweetheart Cup improve their performance.

Using a balanced approach to defining strategy, improving processes, and leveraging the appropriate technology, he keeps the focus on ROI and delivers results by leveraging skills in leadership, knowledge transfer, project management, and the application of best practices. As a frequent speaker at conferences and other educational events, he provides informative and energizing presentations by leveraging his passion for excellence.

Keeping a commitment to a balanced life, Mike loves downhill skiing, bicycle rides, and hiking in the mountains. See one or more of his trails of the month, such as Tomorrow River or Little Switzerland.
Email: Mike Loughrin at Transformance Advisors

Mike Sheahan

APICS Past President

Mike has helped companies such as ABB, Caterpillar, ConAgra, Perkins-Elmer, Hayes Wheels, and Henry Pratt Valves with technology assessments, project management, educational programs, and management of supply chain improvement initiatives. He is an expert in helping organizations craft educational programs to support their business objectives.

Mike is president of the ISCEA International Standards Board and a past president of APICS.

When not helping others through teaching or consulting, Mike likes international travel and visiting our national parks. He is also a raving fan and financial supporter for many micro-breweries.

Email: Mike Sheahan at Transformance Advisors

Beth Turner-Graziano

Transformance Advisor

Beth has spent the bulk of her career as a Human Resources and Business Operations Leader, “Creating Calm from Chaos”. She has a passion for helping organizations run efficiently and strategically to enable maximum profitability in a great corporate culture.

At Honeywell, she trained senior level executives to integrate team building, root-cause problem solving, process development, and process improvement into the company’s culture. Based on these efforts, Beth was asked to transform a highly dysfunctional regional dispatch center into a proficient, team-oriented, customer focused unit. As a result, service call response and customer satisfaction increased, services cost delivery decreased, and employee engagement improved.

Beth is both a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the HR Certification Institute and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional through the Society of HR Management.

When not working, Beth maintains an active life style via hiking, skiing, biking, and a little bit of rock climbing. She also loves roller coasters and traveling to great places such as Iceland, the rain forests of Costa Rica, and the Berlin Wall before it came down.

Email: Beth Turner-Graziano at Transformance Advisors

Larry Simon

Laurance Simon

Larry is an experienced supply chain professional who has helped companies improve performance and align their supply chain to the company’s vision and strategy. This includes the ability to see when it is best to outsource or use internal production capabilities.

Larry has two passions outside of professional activities. One is to give back to others such as working with two student organizations at Northern Illinois University and Southern Illinois University. For example, he has helped them compete against other schools in competitions based upon The Fresh Connection business simulation. He also volunteers at the Oswego Senior Center. His second passion is bike riding, logging over 1,200 miles in each of the last two years.

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Director of Adventure

Saboo joined our team as Corporate Mascot and quickly promoted himself to Director of Adventure. He arranges hikes in the mountains where our team goes to ponder the imponderables.

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Nemesis is the self-appointed agitator of Saboo.

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