Instructor and Online Hybrid

This hybrid supply chain management course includes instructor-led classroom sessions and a package of online tools that will arm you with the knowledge required to work more effectively with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.

Leveraging the emerging concept of the “flipped classroom,” this course is extremely effective in teaching participants the best practices and emerging trends in supply chain management.

One Hot Topic

A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek states that “one of the hottest tickets in business schools these days isn’t consulting jobs or investment banking positions; it’s a job that wasn’t on the radar just a few years ago: supply chain management.”

A study by the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics declares “nearly 200,000 U.S. supply chain management jobs will go unfilled each year through 2018 for lack of qualified talent.”

A Complete Package

This comprehensive course includes:

  • 30 hours of instructor-led education and discussion
  • Assignments providing the opportunity to compare your company with the concepts you are learning – a supply chain assessment for identifying your company improvement opportunities
  • Multiple rounds of The Fresh Connection, an interactive team-based business simulation where you will make strategic executive-level decisions in a high-pressure environment
  • A package of online tools that will reinforce and enhance your learning
  • A certificate of completion that you can frame and display for all to see
Content for Supply Chain Management Course

The Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection is a team-based business simulation that provides an exceptional means for learning how to lead a business by practicing collaboration and consensus building:

  • Teams of four collaborate to save a failing company
  • Each team member selects one of four functional roles: sales, purchasing, operations, or supply chain
  • Participants learn best practices and emerging trends through hands-on experience
  • Collaboration and consensus building skills are developed as teams compete across multiple rounds
  • Leadership and presentation skills are demonstrated as teams report their performance to a board of directors

The successful team will craft the best strategy and align all four functional disciplines. Winning is about generating the best ROI for the business while meeting your own key performance indicators.

Learn more about The Fresh Connection.

The Fresh Connection Business Simulation

“The Hybrid Supply Chain Management course with The Fresh Connection provides a holistic approach to learning in a way that pushes an organization to collaborate and work together to maximize customer satisfaction and return on investment.” — Tony Tills, Director of Operations, O.penVAPE

“I was totally addicted to my role as VP of Sales and could not wait to collaborate with my teammates to improve our performance and beat our competitors; an educational experience that exceeded my wildest imaginations.” — Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors

“The Fresh Connection (TFC) creates greater alignment and a deeper understanding in the world’s biggest and best businesses. In the Fortune Global 500, 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses are using TFC. In the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25, over 50% are using TFC.” — Hans Kremer, Partner, Inchainge

Package of Online Tools

The online tools are available 24 hours a day and include:

  • High definition audio visual presentations that cover key topics in supply chain management
  • Targeted articles exploring the topics covered in this course
  • Assignments providing you the opportunity to compare your company with the concepts you are learning
  • Quizzes that help you assess your understanding of the concepts and mathematical formulas
  • A final exam that demonstrates you are able to work more effectively with customers, suppliers, and coworkers
The Fresh Connection

“Just finished the Hybrid Supply Chain Management course and found that utilizing The Fresh Connection simulation was a great way to learn and retain the impact of your decisions in a no risk environment. Great course!” — Larry Simon, Board of Directors, APICS Fox River

“I recommend the Supply Chain Management course to people, like me, that are senior operations leaders responsible for ensuring that their processes are leveraging best practices and staying current with new developments and emerging trends.” — Thom Mandl, ‎President, Mount Sopris Instruments

“The Hybrid Supply Chain Management course with The Fresh Connection brought a level of excitement to the classroom that I had never experienced before. I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with my teammates and develop a strategy to save our failing company. It was an exciting way to learn about best practices and emerging trends in supply chain management.” — Ally Conrad, Events Manager, Transformance Advisors


+Before Class
  • Article: What is Supply Chain Management?
  • Article: What is The Fresh Connection?
+Day 1: Competitive Advantage
  • Presentation: Supply and Value Chains
  • Group Exercise: Your Chain
  • Presentation: Common Calculations
  • Group Exercise: Your Inventory Costs
  • Round 1: The Fresh Connection
  • Team Reports to the Board of Directors
  • Presentation: Competition
  • Group Exercise: Your Qualifiers and Winners
+Assignments During Break 1
  • Online Presentation: Types of Demand
  • Exercise: Your Demand
  • Online Presentation: Types of Supply
  • Exercise: Your Supply
  • Online Presentation: Types of Inventory
  • Exercise: Your Inventory
  • Online Quiz 1
  • Article: Bullwhip Effect – Still Snapping
  • Article: The Challenges of Gaining Consensus
+Day 2: Creating Alignment
  • Discussion on Assignments
  • Presentation: Collaboration
  • Group Exercise: Your Collaboration
  • Presentation: Gaining Consensus
  • Group Exercise: Your Consensus
  • Round 2: The Fresh Connection
  • Team Reports to the Board of Directors
  • Presentation: Sales and Operations Planning
  • Group Exercise: Your S&OP Process
+Assignments During Break 2
  • Online Quiz 2
  • Online Presentation: Demand Forecasting
  • Exercise: Your Forecasts
  • Article: What is High Flexibility Scheduling?

+Day 3: Demand and Supply Management
  • Discussion on Assignments
  • Presentation: Supply Planning
  • Group Exercise: Your Supply Plan
  • Presentation: Master Scheduling
  • Group Exercise: Your Master Schedule
  • Round 3: The Fresh Connection
  • Team Reports to the Board of Directors
  • Presentation: Detail Scheduling
  • Exercise: Your Detail Schedule
+Assignments During Break 3
  • Online Quiz 3
  • Online Presentation: Safety Stock
  • Exercise: Your Safety Stock
  • Online Presentation: Order Quantities
  • Exercise: Your Order Quantities
+Day 4: Integrated Planning
  • Discussion on Assignments
  • Presentation: Material Planning
  • Group Exercise: Your Material Planning
  • Presentation: Capacity Planning
  • Group Exercise: Your Capacity Planning
  • Round 4: The Fresh Connection
  • Team Reports to the Board of Directors
  • Reward Ceremony: Who Achieved the Highest ROI?
+After Class
  • Online Quiz 4
  • Online Final Exam
+Certificate of Completion

Each participant will earn a certificate of completion after:

  • Attending the classroom sessions
  • Completing the assignments scheduled outside of the classroom
  • Taking all quizzes and the final exam

“I really enjoyed the Supply Chain Management course from Transformance Advisors. It was great to step back from the daily grind to learn about best practices and then challenge ourselves to apply the concepts in our organization.” — Sandy Rose, Planning Manager, APW Wyott

“The Supply Chain Management course is much more relevant for today’s organizations than other courses I have taken in the past. The course provided me with the knowledge that organizations were asking for during my search for a new job.” — Kristina Bozzer, Planner/Buyer, Particle Measuring Systems

“The Fresh Connection is a challenging test of decision making, commercial awareness, and learning agility that requires each individual to understand the impact of their role and actions on the profitability of the whole business.” — Adam Lockwood, Supply Development Manager, Mars UK

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone that comes into contact with customers or suppliers
  • Anyone that impacts the flow of materials, services, or information
  • Those with experience seeking to learn about best practices and emerging trends
  • Information technology professionals that build and support the systems used to manage supply chains
  • Financial professionals that analyze and report on supply chain activities that impact the balance sheet and income statement
  • Human resource specialists that recruit for relevant positions and support training, retention, and career development programs
  • Those that will be part of improvement initiatives such as a lean transformation or implementing an ERP system
  • Those just getting started in the field of supply chain management or a related discipline

This course is ideal for those with an undergraduate degree and three or more years experience in one or more roles that relate to sales, customer service, operations, logistics, procurement, scheduling, information technology, finance, human resources, or continuous improvement.

For those with advanced degrees, professional certifications, or extensive experience, this course is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the imperative for alignment across all functional areas. The assignments provide an excellent opportunity for leaders to discuss best practices and emerging trends with their team.

A perfect course for everyone

“The best part about The Fresh Connection experience was the rapid-fire troubleshooting conversations with my teammates. We knew we were up against very talented competitors, and that made us think hard and fast about solving the problems. Gaining alignment of all functional areas has never been so much fun!” — Cate Lawrence, Principal, Lawrence Research Associates

“I really enjoyed the Hybrid Supply Chain Management course. I found it both challenging and fun. The combination of handouts, readings, and quizzes coupled with the benefits of The Fresh Connection created the best method of learning I have ever experienced.” — Larry Simon, Board of Directors, APICS Fox River

“This comprehensive course provides the knowledge you need and also includes group exercises and assignments that get you started with your own program for improving supply chain management at your organization. The Fresh Connection business simulation provides an exceptional means for learning how to lead a business by practicing collaboration and consensus building.” — Mike Sheahan, Past President of APICS: The Association for Supply Chain Management

Public Classes

$1,500 per person.

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Supply Chain Management Schedule

Private Classes

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We can help educate your team and get everyone on the same page and pulling in the right direction.

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