Calling Supply Chain Professionals

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Become a vice president and run your own virtual company with a team of like-minded individuals.

Join the Ready Player X experience! An online experiential learning course with the world’s #1 online business simulation – The Fresh Connection.

You will be teamed up (virtually) with other RPX participants to become the leadership team for a company where costs are out of control and customer expectations are not being met.

Your team will be challenged to save the fruit juice company from collapsing?

Let’s find out what you are made of! The 50 Euro fee will be the best investment you ever make in your career.

The Fresh Connection

“The Fresh Connection is a great learning tool which makes you think like an executive. You must link supply chain strategy to the business strategy and deal with the financial ramifications of your decisions.” — Hugh Finerty, Director Marketing and Development, Alliance International Inc

Are You Ready?

There are just a few easy things to do:

  • Learn more and register at: Ready Player X
  • During registration, you will identify when you want to start – this will drive your team assignment
  • Prepare to learn, sharpen your skills, have fun, and develop your network
Ready Player X

“The Fresh Connection simulation is the best tool I have seen for gaining an understanding of how decisions by various functional areas are intertwined with other areas and have a direct impact on ROI” — Paul Vanderspek, Clinical Faculty Supply Chain Management at Colorado State University

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