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The employment picture seems to be getting better, but there are still numerous challenges and organizations are still very slow to make that hiring decision.

For many unemployed professionals, it’s easy to get discouraged and even easier to spend too much time networking and not enough time improving their resume.

Education Funding is Available

However, there is a wonderful opportunity for unemployed professionals to obtain government funding for professional certifications through Workforce Centers at the Department of Labor and Employment. These funds are designed to help job seekers prepare for employment, find and keep a job, or increase their earnings potential.

Transformance Advisors has partnered with APICS Northern Colorado to provide the Certified Lean Master (CLM) program to unemployed professionals.

The CLM program is qualified for government funding through all Colorado Workforce Centers. This course is ideally suited to the Workforce’s purpose in that it greatly improves an in-demand skill set – lean is the number one improvement methodology.

certified lean master program

“After many years in lean organizations, I thought that the Certified Lean Master (CLM) program might be a great way to learn and enhance my understanding. CLM not only met those expectations, but also brought many new insights and helped integrate many continuous improvement concepts with supply chain management. Regardless of your level of knowledge or expertise, I highly recommend CLM!” – Pat Ferren

The Certified Lean Master Program

certified lean master program
  • A complete package of education and coaching on all the tools required to create a sustainable lean organization.
  • Three educational sessions of 3 days each with a 4 week break between sessions for participants to apply the knowledge to their lean project.
  • A project whereby participants improve one value stream for some organization, create quantifiable improvements, and begin seeing immediate results.
  • A certification exam and the opportunity for participants to earn personal recognition as a Certified Lean Master.

“I had a great Certified Lean Master experience! While I’ve worked in lean environments for years, my knowledge of lean was broadened considerably and my confidence level grew substantially. Finally, it was a fun experience and I made a number of new friends in the lean community. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to sharpen their lean skills or lead their company to become a sustainable lean enterprise.” – Thom Mandl

Success By Unemployed Professionals

Graduates of this program have implemented lean projects which have increased revenue and decreased costs. A number of unemployed professionals have taken the program and have managed very impressive projects by reaching out to an organization where they had a personal contact.

Some of the success stories attributable to unemployed professionals include:

Regardless of your situation, we can help you find a project so that you can learn and apply lean concepts while enhancing your resume.

certified lean master program

“Transformance Advisors has a fantastic lean program that is very comprehensive and engaging. The course includes in-depth discussions that frequently led to highly interactive simulations, debates, and sharing of experiences from 100% of the attendees. I highly recommend this program!” – Brent Rollman

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