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At the Crafting Your Lean Transformation Workshop, people from many companies came together to learn more about best practices and evaluate the culture of lean within their own organizations.

Workshop facilitators, Mike Loughrin of Transformance Advisors, Jodi Walsh of Lexmark International, and Bruce Gibson of Woodward, took the stage and discussed:

  • What it takes to become a lean organization
  • What it truly means to be lean
  • Strategies of maintaining lean
  • Personal struggles and triumphs as lean leaders
  • Best practices and emerging trends in the lean community
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What People Are Saying

“If you are just starting your lean journey or are well on your way; the Lean Workshop is for you. Valuable insights are gained through presentations, exercises, assessments, and information sharing. All of these aspects made it an exciting morning! I left the workshop informed and motivated to bring lean knowledge back to the workplace. Having work groups attend the workshop together allowed the opportunity dive down into the companies personal lean journey, adding instant value for their organization. I highly recommend this event to companies of any size.” – Tony Tills, Board of Directors, APICS Northern Colorado
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“The Lean Workshop was a rewarding event. Discussions throughout the workshop applied to companies of any size and every industry. The exercises mixed teams of professionals and helped us gain insight on the differing lean practices that are present within companies. This workshop helped create a realistic plan to appropriately begin and sustain a lean organization, no matter the current situation. From this informative event, I have taken away helpful tactics, some of which are already being utilized within my organization. I highly recommend this workshop.” – Lee McMunigal, Purchaser, Buckeye Welding Supply Co
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“It was great to hear Jodi Walsh from Lexmark and Bruce Gibson from Woodward share the successes and challenges with the lean transformation programs at these two Colorado companies. Seeing the leading companies lend a helping hand to those just getting started is one of the big benefits provided by our lean community.” – Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors
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“The Lean Workshop was unique in that it brought together many different companies excited and curious about how Lean could improve their organization. The in class activity was a great opportunity to collaborate with others and gain support from some of Colorado’s Lean leaders.” – Ally Conrad, Transformance Advisors, Transformance Advisors
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