By Mike Loughrin, CEO of Transformance Advisors

Success for All

As 2017 comes to a close, I hope everyone can look back on a very successful year.

We all wear many hats and success in every role is a great measure of progress.

Family, friends, community, and career are just a few of the roles most of us have.

Let’s look closer at how a successful career is a sustainable career and how to approach your responsibilities in 2018.

career success
career success

Adding Bullets

Quantifiable measures of career sustainability are things you do that add more bullets to your resume.

You should make quarterly updates in terms of continuing education, new skills, professional certifications, and other accomplishments.

Just be sure accomplishments increase your value in terms of the future needs in the ever changing world of work.

While 2017 will soon be the wake behind us, it’s time to make sure you have big plans for 2018.

My Plan

I know it’s what I do, that’s important, and not what I say.

In terms of walking the talk, I have a 2018 plan that includes:

  • Reading one book a month
  • Attending two educational conferences
  • Researching and then writing one article per quarter
  • Participating in a leadership development workshop
  • Being nimble and taking advantage of other opportunities
career success
career success

Don’t Rely On Your Boss

While your boss should support your efforts at career sustainability, many organizations have severely damaged their career development programs with short sighted cost cutting efforts.

For example, a courageous executive made an interesting confession during a panel discussion I recently attended. She confessed how: “we have about 50 people in my organization. A director role opened up and we didn’t have anyone who could be promoted into the exceptional opportunity. I know that, as the leader, I had failed my team by allowing an astonishingly weak career development program to hurt the advancement prospects for everyone.”

Unfortunately, her confession was a reflection of many other executives in the room.

Find out what support is available and make sure your boss knows you take this seriously.

But, don’t wait for anyone else to take charge of your career.

You Need A Plan

Jobs come and go. It’s OK when your job runs out; that will generally be out of your control.

Careers are your personal commitment. It’s NOT OK for your career to become obsolete because you failed to invest in making it sustainable.

If you have not done so, then go get some fresh air and think about what bullets you would like to add to your resume in 2018.

Then create a plan. As they say, if it’s not written down, then you don’t have a plan.

career success
career success

Many Options

If you need ideas for your career sustainability, then check the great events from our team at Transformance Advisors. All of our events allow you to learn and apply your knowledge to improve your organization.

Our most popular options include:

You can also get ideas from that professional organization you are active with. Yes, career sustainability demands that you be active. You need to build and manage your network, before disaster strikes.

Course of Action

Start with a great plan:

  • If you are an individual contributor, then take action to create your individual plan and talk with your boss about getting approval for educational events you want to attend
  • If you have colleagues that could benefit from the same things you are looking to do, then share your ideas on options for meeting their professional development goals
  • If you lead a team, then work on a plan to develop your people. Your professional development as a leader needs to extend to how you support the development of others

I’m looking forward to hearing about those bullets you are adding to that resume.


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