Announcing 77 Certified Lean Practitioners

These individuals have completed the requirements required for earning the Certified Lean Practitioner designation.

They have learned how to use the most powerful tools used for lean transformations and have completed a lean project.


Congratulations to:

  • Abdihakim Hassan
  • Alexis Young
  • Alison Luzier
  • Alysia Hawthorne
  • Angela Seput
  • Angie Tipton
  • Anna Boone
  • Anthony Simmons
  • Anum Puskar
  • Asmin Brown
  • Austin Breland
  • Bishoy Ramzy
  • Brad Mayhew
  • Brandon Martin
  • Brandy Montambo
  • Chris Seminatore
  • Christie McCoy
  • Christopher Reed
  • Cierra Howard-Dye
  • Coastal Lewis
  • Collin Kanaley
  • Corey Kline
  • Corey Leftwich
  • Cynthia Nunn-James
  • Danielle Dorsey
  • Daryl Moore

  • Deborah Charrier
  • Derrick Bray
  • Elise Hackney
  • Emily Miller
  • Erica Basile-Gimpel
  • Erica Powell
  • Ernest Cheramie Jr.
  • Evan Labat
  • Greg Jeffers
  • Greta Faye Angel
  • Haley Braffett
  • Heather Whitehead
  • Holly Brooks
  • Ian Swihart
  • James Mason
  • Jeanine Blotske
  • Jeremy Dettmer
  • Jessica Yard
  • Jo Ellen Scott
  • Joyce Rodriguez-Perez
  • Justin Blanton
  • Juwan Sims
  • Kimmie Balkcom
  • Koffi Acolatse
  • Korie Sims
  • Kristyn Gordon

  • Lauren Gedeon
  • Leayle Benjamin
  • Lee Hightower
  • Lynn Winfield
  • Mark Addy
  • Mark Snyder
  • Matthew Harris
  • Meggan Murray
  • Michael Locke
  • Nancy Ellis
  • Nicholas Weppler
  • Noordeen Kateregga
  • Raina Chauhan
  • Ricardo Morley
  • Richard Williams
  • Scott Preston
  • Selena Collier
  • Shawna Smith
  • Stephanie Coig
  • Tahisha McCaulsky
  • Taylor Fujii
  • Titus Anyanga
  • Willard McCaskey
  • William Robertson
  • Zachary Duck

“I highly recommend the Certified Lean Practitioner program to anyone seeking to be a great problem solver. The program will give you a new vocabulary, a new way to think, and a new way to create value.” – Richard Hewitt, Senior Analyst, CenturyLink Consumer Markets

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a lean practitioner in your organization, the Certified Lean Practitioner program will supply you the skills to use the most powerful tools used for lean transformations.

Isn’t it time…


“Hats off to Transformance Advisors for providing one of the best programs on the market today. It’s truly a must do for any company that’s serious about a lean transformation. The interactions and team based exercises are easy to follow and make the class very enjoyable.” – Jeff Roach, Operations Manager, CA Technologies – Industrial Solutions

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