eShipping Tools Up Their Team with a Supply Chain Certification

“The quality of information provided was key to this experience; it was presented in such a way that allowed our team to immediately incorporate improvements into our business analysis and sales presentation processes.” – Jim Fussell, Executive Vice President, eShipping.

Client Profile:

eShipping is a nationwide technology and logistics service provider located in Kansas City, MO. As specialists in the integrated operation of transportation services for companies nationwide, eShipping supplies hosted technology, optimization, and management solutions that deliver process innovation, based on each client’s unique business model and requirements.

The Challenge:

eShipping certification

eShipping is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and supply chain management expertise for clients in the manufacturing and distribution sector.

Matt Weiss, Vice President of Operations at eShipping describes their approach: “In this industry, transportation costs often rank in the top four business expenses of any company. At eShipping, our operations and logistics teams analyze each piece of the operational process in order to tailor and implement fundamental best practices to control transportation spend and maximize efficiencies at any given company. The key to this however, is taking a step back and truly understanding the entire supply chain and how transportation and logistics fits seamlessly into that system.”

With this in mind, eShipping challenged Transformance Advisors to provide a comprehensive educational program that would provide a sound understanding of end-to-end supply chain processes and highlight the best practices that leading organizations are leveraging to create a competitive advantage.

The Engagement:

Transformance Advisors conducted a three day educational program for the internal new business development and operations teams at eShipping’s headquarters. The educational program explored processes, techniques, and best practices that are encompassed in the Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) program. This professional certification, through the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) focuses on demand management, supply management , planning techniques, improvement programs, manufacturing, and logistics.

The course participants were able to discuss and debate the applicability of various concepts as they would apply to eShipping’s clients and prospects. At the end of the third day, the participants took the 100 question certification exam.

eShipping certification

“I was impressed with the dedication, enthusiasm, and integrity of the eShipping team. We were able to apply the CSCA materials to real-world situations by using eShipping clients as part of our discussions. The team at eShipping is now in a great position to offer superior service to their clients with the additional supply chain knowledge they have gained.” – Paul Gleditsch, Vice President, Transformance Advisors.

The Results:

The team at eShipping is on the same page with the terminology and understanding of end-to-end supply chain processes and the best practices employed by leading organizations. This has allowed them to improve their business analysis and sales presentation processes so they can better serve their clients. In addition, eleven members of the eShipping team have earned recognition as Certified Supply Chain Analysts.

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