Hybrid Supply Chain Management Success Story

“Our new process was an instant success. We have effectively collaborated with clients, prospects, and partners to quickly navigate the tasks required to schedule and customize events such as our new Hybrid Supply Chain Management course. This process is a competitive advantage!” – Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors

Client Profile:

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Transformance Advisors (TA) provides consulting and educational services for lean transformations, strategy execution, and supply chain management.

Large international clients depend upon TA for expert advice and often require “road warrior” support for projects across the globe. Another market segment includes organizations that send people to public educational events, bring instructors onsite for private classes, or leverage online educational programs available 24/7. The company also has many clients that seek structured programs which integrate consulting advice with educational events.

Lean Program

The Challenge:

Certified Lean Master Boulder

New product development continues to take off at TA. The Hybrid Supply Chain Management course is no exception. This course offers a flipped classroom structure with innovative features such as online tools and an interactive business simulation, The Fresh Connection.

Due to the complexity of this course, our current event management process does not properly accommodate for the new features. It quickly became clear that if we attempted to manage this course like the others, the workload would overwhelm our current events process. Therefore, it was critical to create a new efficient events process exclusively for the hybrid course.

The leadership team at TA recognized this need and challenged Ally Conrad, Events Manager, with the task of finding the solution.

“Value stream mapping helped me visualize the entire events process to a level of detail I have never done before. For the first time, we went step by step and documented the process to the smallest detail. This process got everyone on the Transformance Advisors team on the same page and clarified what was expected to happen with each hybrid event. This is a tool I will continue to use for many projects to come; it’s ability to get everyone working in the same direction is extremely valuable.” – Ally Conrad, Events Manager, Transformance Advisors

The Engagement:

Leveraging the Certified Lean Master project, Ally created a current state map to properly identify each step that takes place in the current events management process. Ally quickly identified many opportunities for improvement in the current process as well as the brand new steps that would be needed for the hybrid course. The current state map highlighted waste such as large variations in the time and effort to book event facilities and defects in the production of educational materials. Absent from the current state was steps for managing the business simulation, including the option to tailor the learning experience for private onsite events.

Before creating the future state map, Ally’s team researched best practices and emerging trends for events management to insure the future state would be the best possible. Kaizen blitz events were held with the project team to generate new ideas and bring together different perspectives.

Then the team created the future state map and a gap analysis listing the changes required to move from the current state to the future state.

Ally presented the plan to her steering committee and gained approval to implement the future state.

Lean Transformation Colorado

“Quinlan Executive Education has appreciated the opportunity to partner with the Transformance Advisors team in the design and delivery of a highly customized supply chain management program for one of our corporate clients. Their deep industry expertise led to learning experiences that were relevant, practical, and immediately implementable for the participants.” – Catherine Jones, Director of Executive Education

The Results:

Lean Consulting Colorado

The Hybrid Supply Chain Management events process is fully functional and completely effective.

  • The fall schedule was quickly developed and coordinated with partners, instructors, facilities, and other stakeholders
  • Early bird discount resulting in increased registrations far exceeding expectations
  • Email templates have been created to reduce defects and improve communications with course participants
  • The best facilities have been identified and booked
  • Marketing campaigns are aligned with the locations and schedule of events
  • The options for customized onsite events have been clearly defined, leading to new business

This entire process is now more effective and efficient. It has become a competitive advantage in terms of managing the schedule of public events and developing customized programs for private events.

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