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We are collaborating with Loyola University Chicago to deliver The Art and Science of Successful Project Champions on August 11, 2020.

You will discover the requirements and responsibilities of a project champion as part of this online Master Class. This 2-hour class is priced at just $100. Don’t miss this chance to learn how being a project champion is not just wisdom or luck.

Delivering the promise of any improvement project requires the steady hand of an effective project champion – the person who owns the leadership role and delegates the project management role.

Learn more and register at: The Art and Science of Successful Project Champions.

Project Champions Training

Action Packed 2 Hours

During this online event, you will:

  • Understand the requirements for becoming a successful project champion
  • Recognize the difference between leadership skills and subject matter expertise
  • Learn how to focus on critical project milestones
  • Discover when to step in and remove roadblocks
  • Identify the critical coaching skills which keep a project moving
  • Craft a personal improvement plan

Learn more and register at: The Art and Science of Successful Project Champions.

Project Champions Education

“The Supply and Value Chain Center of Loyola University Chicago is pleased to partner with Mike Loughrin and the team from Transformance Advisors.” – John A. Caltagirone, Founding Director, Loyola Business Leadership Hub of Loyola University Chicago

“Master Classes are a series of online classes taught by our expert faculty. Each session is designed to enhance your business acumen, elevate your leadership profile, and expand your industry knowledge.” – Colleen Reaney, Director, Executive and Professional Education Center, Loyola University Chicago

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