Announcing 139 Certified Six Sigma Green Belts

These individuals have completed the requirements for earning the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt designation.

They have learned how to use the most common tools in the six sigma tool box and have completed a six sigma project.


Congratulations to:

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Afton Drake
  • Alana Stevenson
  • Alexander Witzman
  • Allen Smith
  • Allison James
  • Ana De la Concepcion
  • Angela Bell
  • Anthony Sztuczko
  • April LaCombe
  • Ardis Christopher
  • Ashley Androsov
  • Ashley Hayden
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Brandy Roberts
  • Brian Aday
  • Brian Flager
  • Bryan Campbell
  • Bryson Anderson
  • Caleb Alexander
  • Camisha LaPompe
  • Caryssa Joustra
  • Charles Fairchild
  • Christopher Stone
  • Claudia Hamel-Mendoza
  • Craig Palm
  • Cynthia Ngo
  • Daniel Schroeter
  • David Levine
  • DeAn Dawson
  • Destiny Parker
  • Dylan Ramus-Wright
  • Eddie Denning
  • Edward Kojayan
  • Edward Williams
  • Elise Tayam
  • Elizabeth Arro-Brown
  • Eric Pettell
  • Erica Phoenix
  • Erik Vinson
  • Garry Frederickson
  • Gina Newman
  • Harley Brown
  • Hayden Venham
  • Hayley Brennan
  • Heather Beasley
  • Heidi Kennedy
  • Hope Stafford

  • Imani Augusma
  • Ismar Karadzic
  • Jace Stokes
  • Jacob Wright
  • Jaime Favreau
  • Jaime Natividad
  • Jaylen Harley
  • Jennifer Barak
  • Jennifer Gilley
  • Jennifer Kadinger
  • Jennifer Sy
  • Jennifer Tobias
  • Jeremiah Smith
  • Joel Rogers
  • John Barbul
  • John Hahn
  • John Jones II
  • John Malone
  • John Maze
  • Jonathan Fuller
  • Jordan Strong
  • Jorge Silva
  • Jose Vila
  • Joseph Robillard
  • Joshua Gill
  • Justin Ratte
  • Justin Slawson
  • Justin Thornton
  • Kaley Canepa
  • Kalisha Hill-Canty
  • Katherine Deats
  • Kathleen Rosita-Pennington
  • Katie Watson
  • Kayla Razafimbahiny
  • Kayla Whatley
  • Kelsey Baxter
  • Kin Ly
  • Kristopher Dodd
  • Kristy Dobrauc
  • Krystal Utubor
  • Larissa Czupik
  • Laura Waldo
  • Lauren Karpman
  • Lisa Yates
  • Ludivina Gabriel
  • Luis Prado

  • Mahdi Mohammadi
  • Mamie Moses
  • Margaret Haferman
  • Matthew Cunningham
  • Max Karpman
  • Megan Howell
  • Michael Carleton
  • Michael York
  • Molly Hanson
  • Nimalan Sivakumar
  • Nnenna Cox
  • Phillip Purdom
  • Praveen Rathore
  • Rachel Cramer
  • Rachel Wehber
  • Ray Giska
  • Remi Omishore
  • Rhone D’Errico
  • Robert Pardo
  • Robin Kreutzer
  • Roderick Erby
  • Ronaldo Castillo
  • Ryan LaVache
  • Ryan Pugh
  • Samantha Bosserman
  • Scott Newman
  • Shawn Long
  • Simone Roth
  • Stacy Foster
  • Stefany Joustra
  • Stephanie Heim
  • Tamara Fentress
  • TeoMarie Anderson
  • Terence Mooney
  • Thom Mandl
  • Thomas Boucher
  • Tiera Lanier
  • Tierra Lovelace
  • Tiffany Colson
  • Timothy Tillson
  • Tracey Canty
  • Tyler Wedden
  • Velvet Pugh
  • William Brubaker
  • William Etter
  • Zachary Caudle

“I highly recommend the Six Sigma class to everyone. I have gained a huge wealth of knowledge which I can use immediately and in the future.” – Toni Martinez

“The best thing, about this class, is the hands-on experience and the direct feedback from the professor for each and every assignment. Excellent class!” – Carrie Fry

“This course provided me with knowledge and tools to do process improvements. Clarity in class materials, clear instructions in the assignments, and lots of hands-on work. It was a great learning experience.” – Devathosh Madathil

“This class allowed me to expand my knowledge beyond six sigma. It gave me the full details of what exactly it is and what is best for.” – Kherly Chesser

Testimonial for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a six sigma green belt in your organization, the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt program will supply you the skills to use the most common tools in the six sigma tool box.

Isn’t it time…

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

“This is a great course. You will not be disappointed. I appreciate Mike’s skills as an instructor, for his process improvement experience, and for his sense of humor.” – Michelle Weiland

“This is a wonderful class with a great instructor! This has been one of my favorite classes in the program! The class is instantly applicable in real world situations. LSUS needs more classes like this one.” – Darnell Brewington

“This class is a must have to take! The material is well laid out and the instructor is one of the best I have had so far!” – Kendall Stoyle

“This is a great course. If you put in the effort, you will walk away with a great deal of knowledge.” – Joseph Harrison

Testimonial for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

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