Announcing 120 Certified Six Sigma Green Belts

These individuals have completed the requirements for earning the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt designation.

They have learned how to use the most common tools in the six sigma tool box and have completed a six sigma project.


Congratulations to:

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Alan Myers
  • Alexander Ackley
  • Alexis Poling
  • Amanda Goodwin
  • Amy Banks
  • Andrew Costello
  • Andrew Cruz
  • Anum Puskar
  • Ashlee Neely
  • Ashley Darby
  • Austin Biehl
  • Benjamin Barnes
  • Benjamin Williams
  • Blaine Lahrs
  • Blake Soni
  • Brandy Mann
  • Brian Cox
  • Brianna Wancura
  • Britany Williard
  • Brittany Jackson
  • Carrie Fry
  • Chadrick Jenkins
  • Charlaya Washington
  • Charles Martin
  • Chris Seminatore
  • Christian Hartnett
  • Christina Webb
  • Christine Wise
  • Connie Faulkner
  • Corey Shrider
  • Daniel Engkvist
  • Danielle Chernouski
  • Darius Smith
  • Darnell Brewington
  • David Oravec
  • Desteni Lawhorn
  • Devathosh Madathil
  • D’Tara Malone
  • Elliott Grissom
  • Erik Grille

  • Frederick Hapgood
  • Godfred Boafo
  • Greg Webb
  • Gwendolyn Martin
  • Heather Adams
  • Heather Whitehead
  • Howard Thevenin
  • Jason Flowers
  • Jason King
  • Jeanette Matesic
  • Jeffrey Collisi
  • Jeffrey DeHerrera
  • Jennifer Poland
  • Jeremy Klinker
  • Jimmy Lowery
  • Johanah Hardy Kancherla
  • Jonathan Combe
  • Joseph Harrison
  • Joseph Sanders
  • Joseph Tornatore
  • Juan Alvarez
  • Katharine Brett
  • Kendall Stoyle
  • Kevin Dang
  • Kherly Chesser
  • Kimberly Lippard
  • Krashanta Barrett
  • Kristy Burton
  • Kyani Alford
  • Kyle Roussel
  • Kyle Walker
  • LaTarrah Slater
  • Lauren Gedeon
  • Lauren Jones
  • Lauren Rousseau
  • Leah Scott
  • Leayle Benjamin
  • Leslie Jefferson
  • Mansur Masood
  • Mari Marlowe

  • Matt Weinand
  • Matthew Golemboski
  • Matthew Harris
  • Matthew Standridge
  • Michael Love
  • Michael Morris
  • Michelle Jackson
  • Michelle Luth
  • Michelle Weiland
  • Monique Antoine
  • Morgan Cheek
  • Morgan Naquin
  • Nathan DeFreitas
  • Nicholas Weppler
  • O’Neal Shyne
  • Pashelia Wesley
  • Paul Visentine
  • Philip Thomas
  • Rhea Jones
  • Riley Bourbonnais
  • Rubisel Yirat
  • Ryan Boone
  • Sadia Ashraf
  • Sara Ellenberger
  • Sarah Cole
  • Sarah Hardin
  • Scott Andras
  • Scott Grizzle
  • Shane Rainey
  • Shawn Sellars
  • Sherri Akerele
  • Sofia Bojorge
  • Sofia Moniz
  • Sukhbir Singh
  • Teresa Davis
  • Tommy Beaird
  • Toni Martinez
  • Travis Siliva
  • Vance Brown
  • Zackory Maier
Testimonial for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

“I highly recommend the Six Sigma class to everyone. I have gained a huge wealth of knowledge which I can use immediately and in the future.” – Toni Martinez

“The best thing, about this class, is the hands-on experience and the direct feedback from the professor for each and every assignment. Excellent class!” – Carrie Fry

“This course provided me with knowledge and tools to do process improvements. Clarity in class materials, clear instructions in the assignments, and lots of hands-on work. It was a great learning experience.” – Devathosh Madathil

“This class allowed me to expand my knowledge beyond six sigma. It gave me the full details of what exactly it is and what is best for.” – Kherly Chesser

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a six sigma green belt in your organization, the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt program will supply you the skills to use the most common tools in the six sigma tool box.

Isn’t it time…

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
Testimonial for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

“This is a great course. You will not be disappointed. I appreciate Mike’s skills as an instructor, for his process improvement experience, and for his sense of humor.” – Michelle Weiland

“This is a wonderful class with a great instructor! This has been one of my favorite classes in the program! The class is instantly applicable in real world situations. LSUS needs more classes like this one.” – Darnell Brewington

“This class is a must have to take! The material is well laid out and the instructor is one of the best I have had so far!” – Kendall Stoyle

“This is a great course. If you put in the effort, you will walk away with a great deal of knowledge.” – Joseph Harrison

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