Announcing 92 Certified Lean Practitioners

These individuals have completed the requirements required for earning the Certified Lean Practitioner designation.

They have learned how to use the most powerful tools used for lean transformations and have completed a lean project.


Congratulations to:

Certified Lean Practitioner

  • Adam Marcel
  • Alexander Ackley
  • Allison James
  • Alyssa Wilson
  • Andrew Green
  • Andrew Mullins
  • Annie Skivington
  • Ashley Androsov
  • Biddut Dey
  • Bobbie Kempf
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Britany Williard
  • Brittany Griego
  • Carrie Fry
  • Cassandra Brown
  • Charmaine Idlett
  • Chris Moran
  • Christian Hartnett
  • Christina Webb
  • Christine Wise
  • Craig Palm
  • Crysten Morgan
  • Danielle Chernouski
  • Deann Parker
  • Destiny Parker
  • Devathosh Madathil
  • Douglas Cole
  • D’Tara Malone
  • Evan Powell
  • Gina Wagar
  • Grace Lewis

  • Greg Webb
  • Gregory McKee
  • Gwendolyn Martin
  • Harley Brown
  • Heather Lopez
  • James Smith II
  • Jason Flowers
  • Jason Lopez
  • Jeannette Chadwick
  • Jeff Barras
  • Jeffrey DeHerrera
  • Jennifer Rivera
  • Jennifer Shaffer
  • Jimmy Lowery
  • Johanah Hardy Kancherla
  • Johnny Prioleau
  • Jorge Silva
  • Justin Hamby
  • Kalob Creighton
  • Karesa Hall
  • Kendra Faulkner
  • Kim Beisser-Grady
  • Krashanta Barrett
  • Kristie Alejandro
  • Kurt Hamm
  • Kyle Walker
  • Lenda Ferguson
  • Lisa Stelter
  • Luis Feliciano
  • Mamie Moses
  • Mansur Masood

  • Melissa McCollor
  • Mercedes Taylor
  • Michael Love
  • Michele Ingram
  • Monique Antoine
  • Morgan Cheek
  • MyKeya Henderson
  • Nancy Mickle
  • Paul Visentine
  • Philip Thomas
  • Rachael Dang
  • Rebecca Brinkley
  • Richie Wright
  • Rose-Marie Phillip
  • Saint Michael Wray
  • Santhosh Ramdass Naidu Panneerselvam
  • Sarah Hardin
  • Sarah Moreno
  • Scott Grizzle
  • Shawn Sellars
  • Sherri Akerele
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Stephenie Barrett
  • Talal Qureshi
  • Taylor Trepagnier
  • Thomas Drury
  • Thomas Wigginton
  • Toni Martinez
  • Tyler Farwell
  • Tyson Webster

“I truly appreciated this course. It is thought provoking and engaging. You leave prepared with the tools to help you and your organization succeed. The simulation is an awesome element of this course, which helps you to apply the course material.” – Lisa Stelter

“If you desire a class to elevate your lean transformation knowledge and give you the tools to become a Certified Lean Practitioner, then don’t delay! This class is your ticket to equip you with helping your organization explore and capitalize on the #1 process improvement program in the world!” – Johnny Prioleau

“From simulation exercises to group projects with many facets, this class prepares you to be an effective team player and lean practitioner.” – Britany Williard

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a lean practitioner in your organization, the Certified Lean Practitioner program will supply you the skills to use the most powerful tools used for lean transformations.

Isn’t it time…

“If you want to learn how to run a business or any organized project without wasting time, materials, or efforts, you need to take this class. The material taught in this class can immediately be applied in any job and in any role.” – Charmaine Idlett

“This is a course that will benefit you IMMEDIATELY! You can take the things you learn one day, and bring them to work the next, to improve the performance of your team and impress your boss.” – Kurt Hamm

“The Lean Transformation course provides a learning experience with real-world applications. As you progress through each week, you are able to transfer the knowledge and skills to the workplace immediately.” – Kim Beisser-Grady

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