Announcing 153 Certified Lean Practitioners

These individuals have completed the requirements required for earning the Certified Lean Practitioner designation.

They have gained hands-on experience with the most powerful tools used for lean transformations, completed a lean project, and passed the certification exam.

As a lean practitioner, they are able to manage projects, lead value stream mapping sessions, identify waste, design improvements, implement improved value streams, and monitor new processes.

Congratulations to:

Certified Lean Practitioner

  • Aaron Hicks
  • Adebayo Adeoye
  • Aimee Dose
  • Alaina Rabb
  • Alan Myers
  • Alana Stevenson
  • Allen Smith
  • Amanda Moody
  • Amneris Mills
  • Ana De la Concepcion
  • Andrew Costello
  • Andries van Heerden
  • Angela Bell
  • Angela Glidden
  • Avijit Panja
  • Beth Radtke
  • Brian Pusc
  • Brittany Jackson
  • Brittany Lewis
  • Brittany Melancon
  • Brittany Starks
  • Bryan Jones
  • Caitlyn Miller
  • Camisha LaPompe
  • Chadrick Jenkins
  • Charity Kreher
  • Charles Martin
  • Charnel Kennedy
  • Christal Thompson
  • Christopher Lane
  • Christy Limbers
  • Claudia Hamel-Mendoza
  • Crystal Rogan
  • Cynthia Ngo
  • Dan Bunce
  • Daniel Curtis
  • Daniel Sweeney
  • Danielle Fontenot
  • Darnell Brewington
  • David Canady
  • David Wangaka
  • DeAn Dawson
  • Deni Ribin
  • Desteni Lawhorn
  • Dylan Ramus-Wright
  • Elise Tayam
  • Elizabeth Arro-Brown
  • Elizabeth Finkelstein
  • Elizabeth Ann Frey
  • Elliott Grissom
  • Emma Mazza

  • Eric Pettell
  • Erik Vinson
  • Felicia Chin
  • Fred Izadpanah
  • Hailey Fleming
  • Hannah Lau
  • Hayley Hammon
  • Heather Beasley
  • Ian Kreher
  • Jace Stokes
  • James Meadows
  • James Morse
  • James Young
  • Javone Charles
  • Jennifer Gilley
  • Jennifer Pusc
  • Jhimere Royal
  • John Jones II
  • Jonathan Isbell
  • Jonathan Walls
  • Jose Bonilla
  • Joseph Dailey
  • Joseph Harrison
  • Josh Hazel
  • Julien Nogues
  • Justin Ratte
  • Kaitlyn Cocks
  • Kalin Menard
  • Kalisha Hill-Canty
  • Katharine Brett
  • Kathleen Rosita-Pennington
  • Kayla Razafimbahiny
  • Kelly Allen
  • Kelsey Baxter
  • Kenneth Ramella
  • Kenny Ochs
  • Kherly Chesser
  • Kin Ly
  • Kyle Roussel
  • Lamiae Harrak
  • Larissa Czupik
  • Lauryn Riddick
  • Lindsay McGuire
  • Mannanseh Price
  • Matthew Golemboski
  • Matthew Standridge
  • Meagan Rodrigue
  • Meghan Mayer
  • Michael Gemberling
  • Michael Morris
  • Michael York

  • Michelle Weiland
  • Molly Sheehan
  • Monica Lake
  • Muhammad Durrani
  • Nathan DeFreitas
  • Nick Merritt
  • Nicole Rulien
  • Nnenna Cox
  • Olivia Schlueter
  • Pablo Villarreal
  • Paul Brown
  • Phillip Purdom
  • Praveen Rathore
  • Rachel Cramer
  • Rachel Quinn
  • Rachel Rapp
  • Raegan Wesch
  • Randy Rappold
  • Rayah Khateeb
  • Rebecca DeLorenzo
  • Rhea Jones
  • Riley Bourbonnais
  • Robert Sylvester
  • Roderick Erby
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Sadia Ashraf
  • Sally Knutson
  • Samuel Schuemacher
  • Sara Ellenberger
  • Sarah Cole
  • Seth Young
  • Shamekia Williams
  • Shane Rainey
  • Shawn Long
  • Shawn McCarley
  • Simone Roth
  • Sofia Moniz
  • Tammy Keeler
  • Theresa Floyd
  • Thu Truong
  • Tiera Lanier
  • Tiffany Colson
  • Tiffany Nalle
  • Tonia Eaglin
  • Tori Aldridge
  • Tracey Canty
  • Tseday Siyoum
  • Tyler Love
  • William Etter
  • William Ray
  • Zachary Adams

“Phenomenal class which challenges you to apply principles learned throughout your MBA program experience” – Daniel Botero

“This course is worth its weight in gold. The most impactful course I’ve taken within the program.” – Brittany Starks

“I highly recommend this course for people who want to learn how to create sustainable organizations by embracing lean principles.” – Claudia Hamel-Mendoza

“This class is your ticket to equip you with helping your organization explore and capitalize on the #1 process improvement program in the world!” – Johnny Prioleau

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a lean practitioner in your organization, the Certified Lean Practitioner program will supply you the skills to use the most powerful tools used for lean transformations.

Isn’t it time…

“This course has opened my eyes to see what can be accomplished within an organization to create better processes and become more profitable.” – Robert Sylvester

“I truly appreciated this course. It is thought provoking and engaging. You leave prepared with the tools to help you and your organization succeed.” – Lisa Stelter

“This course encourages each participant to get engaged and think through the issue at hand in order to create a viable solution.” – Eric Pettell

“After taking this class, you will be able to take these concepts back to your place of work and convince your management why lean is the way to go!” – Kelly Allen

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