Strategic Position Statement – Supply Chain

When you think about supply chain management:

We want you to know that Transformance Advisors can help you improve service and reduce costs through our Supply Chain Alignment program.

We are better than our competition because we provide the methodology, education, coaching, and community required for crafting flexible, efficient, and sustainable supply chains.

In terms of value, our program provides an exceptional value with a focus on the knowledge transfer required to get your team engaged and empowered.

  • Our value is higher than our competition from expensive boutique firms because our experience, investments in alignment tools, and package of educational events provides an effective and efficient means to support all levels and roles in any organization.
  • Our value is higher than independent consultants that do not have a complete program and can only provide out of date training classes or offers to find expensive software solutions claiming some sort of galactic optimization.
  • Our value is higher than going it alone because we provide the education and coaching your team will need. You benefit from not having to invest time and money creating classes, assessments, and other tools required for success.
  • Your risk is reduced through our proven approach. We have the references and raving fans you would expect to find from the best.
supply chain management program

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