Transformance Advisors Walks the Talk and Cuts Cycle Time by 75%

“The Certified Lean Master course was vital to the success of my project. The course gave me the knowledge I needed to identify and implement improvements that have improved the quantity and quality of promotional events we can offer to our customers.” – Kate Hickey, Marketing Specialist, Transformance Advisors

Client Profile:

Because organizations are under intense pressure to improve service and reduce waste and because our planet is under intense pressure due to the overuse and disposal of natural resources, the team at Transformance Advisor (TA) is committed to helping organizations craft sustainable lean organizations. TA helps individuals and organizations by providing comprehensive programs in lean transformation, strategy execution, and supply chain management.

The Challenge:


Webinars and seminars are an effective means to increase awareness of the comprehensive programs offered by TA. These educational events explore specific topics and are designed to provide significant value to the participants. When offered as promotional events, these webinars and seminars provide the opportunity to introduce participants to the other services provided by TA.

The strategic marketing plan called for a significant increase in the number of promotional events. This increase would strain the old process for planning, marketing, and conducting these types of events. The leadership team for TA challenged Kate Hickey to leverage the Certified Lean Master program to dramatically reduce the cost and cycle time of the value stream for conducting promotional events. In addition, the challenge also included meeting the on-going objective for TA to “walk the talk” in the journey to becoming a lean service organization.

The Engagement:

To address the challenge, Kate attended a Certified Lean Master course that included participants from a health care provider, an aircraft engine parts manufacturer, a wind turbine producer, and a non-profit organization supporting people with disabilities. This multi-session program provided a complete package of education and coaching on the creation of sustainable lean supply chains. It provided Kate three educational sessions of three day each with a four course to her lean project that addressed the value stream for promotional events.

For the first part of her course, Kate and her project team from TA developed a business case and the current state value stream map for promotional events. In the second part, she identified the waste in old process and learned about the lean tools that can help any organization eliminate waste in any type of value stream. For the third and final part of the course, Kate crafted a future state value stream map along with developing and executing a plan to implement this future state.


The Results:

As a result of Kate and her project team, the promotional event value stream has become more effective and efficient. Cycle time has been reduced by 75%, the number of events has increased by 400%, and attendance per event has increased by 250%. This value stream operates seamlessly to schedule new events, promote attendance, produce materials, conduct the event, and measure performance.

“This project supported our objective to “walk the talk” as we craft a lean service organization. It is imperative that we improve our value streams using the same tools we teach to our customers.” – Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors

Additional Information:

Contact our team for information on how you can leverage the Certified Lean Master program or one of our other educational events to improve service and reduce costs.

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