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This no-charge Supply Chain Assessment is a brief (about 10 minutes) online survey designed to help organizations evaluate their supply chain management processes and maturity.

Supply Chain Checklist

The assessment questions cover:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Master Scheduling
  • Detail Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Service and Cost Management
  • Organizational Maturity

Your results will provide insight into how your organization compares in terms of best practices that account for the gap between high and low performance.

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Who Can Benefit

This assessment is designed for:

  • Owners and executives of any sized organization
  • Executives responsible for supply chain management
  • Consultants responsible for bringing new ideas to their clients
  • Directors responsible for implementing improvement projects
  • You!

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Supply Chain Checklist


Supply Chain Checklist

This assessment is focused upon organizations that:

  • have been working on a Lean Transformation – See: What is Lean?
  • have a viable Sales & Operations Planning process
  • are leveraging the benefits of High Flexibility Scheduling – See: What is High Flexibility Scheduling?
  • take performance management seriously

If you are not doing the above, you can still take the assessment to see what you are missing.

Just be aware that you may not be aware of some terms and concepts used in the questions and answers.

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