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This is the fourth article in our series on strategy execution.

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For many organizations, there are six milestones for launching strategic initiatives.

Strategy Development Milestones

In this article, we will look at the third milestone.

Prepare Leadership Team

The role of your leadership team will be to assess the information collected during the survey stakeholder step and prepare for a planning retreat where they can discuss, debate, and agree on a course of action.

You should track the progress of each member of the leadership team in terms of accomplishing each task.

The following example shows how to track each person and can also serve to create a little competition among the participants:

leadership preparation


The organization using the above example was able to get each member of the leadership team prepared and ready for the next step.

Milestone 3 is complete when:

  • All members of the leadership team are at 100% in terms of getting prepared for the planning retreat
  • All members of the leadership team are energized and can’t wait for the planning retreat to start
Strategy Execution Milestones

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