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This no-charge Strategy Execution Assessment is a brief (about 5 minutes) online survey designed to help organizations evaluate their strategy development and execution processes.

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The assessment questions cover:

  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Effective Execution

Your results will provide insight into how your organization compares in terms of best practices that account for the gap between high and low performance.

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Who Can Benefit

This assessment is designed for:

  • Owners and executives of any sized organization
  • Executives responsible for strategy design and execution
  • Executive coaches responsible for bringing new ideas to their clients
  • Program directors responsible for implementing strategic initiatives
  • You!

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Strategy Coach

Gain Insights

poor strategy execution

This assessment leverages research and analysis from the team at Six Disciplines.

Their findings reveal that the top five reasons for the gap between high and low performance organizations is how the winners produce better results when:

  • Leaders set clear vision
  • Planning is seen as critical
  • Initiatives have written project plans
  • Technology is used for competitive advantage
  • Everyone plans and prepares for change

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“Six Disciplines Execution Revolution is unusually powerful – not just for providing valuable business ideas, but showing how to implement them in organizations.” – Mick Fleming, President and CEO, American Chamber of Commerce Executives

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