By Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors

West of Boulder

About 45 minutes from Boulder, west up Boulder Canyon to Nederland and north 6.2 miles on the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, you will find an old road that has been closed for a very long time.

Trout Stream

Hike down this road as it leads to a trout stream which is running fast this time of the year. The summer storms and some isolated patches of melting snow are feeding this stream that will eventually reach Boulder Creek.

Find the trail that runs along the stream and walk upstream to a point where the trail seems to disappear into the water.

At this point, gather your courage and cross the stream by scrambling across some unstable logs that serve as a bridge.



Mountain Meadow

After crossing the steam, continue on the trail as it winds through the woods and then into a mountain meadow.

At this time of the year, the meadow is full of wild flowers.

As you reach the far edge of the meadow, you will find find an unmarked and unusual looking trail that winds it way through the woods and along the side of the mountains.


Story to Tell


As you hike along this unusual trail, you will sense that this level trail is out of place in the mountains and must have a story to tell. An observant hiker will soon see many of the hints that point to an exotic history and the story which this trail wants to tell.

The hints collect in your mind and then the story explodes into view as you realize you are walking on the old bed of a narrow gauge railroad. The story is that of the Little Switzerland, a railroad that ran from Boulder to the gold and silver mines that dotted the mountains all around you.

This long gone engineering feat was a critical link in the supply chain that served the miners of the late 1800s.


Opportunity to Comtemplate

And, fortunately for the supply chains of today, this trail provides a great opportunity for the members of Transformance Advisors based in Boulder.

You will find us leveraging the isolation and peaceful serenity of this trail as we take long hikes to contemplate solutions for the challenges faced by our clients.


When You Go

When you decide to go: take along your challenges that require deep reflection. Go early and try to finish up before supper time.

Those of us that have hiked in the evening have gotten a strange feeling that a mountain lion is up there watching and waiting!


Want More?

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