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Big Opportunity

Lack of alignment means:

  • Daily actions are not supporting the vision and strategy
  • Employees hesitate as they are unsure of priorities; mistakes are made
  • There is conflict between functional silos; robust cooperation is rare
  • Costs are higher and service is lower than desired
  • Customers are irritated and prospects remain unconvinced
  • That 5 year vision cannot be seen through the fog of uncertainty

“70% of CEO failures come not as a result of poor strategy, but of poor execution” – Ram Charan and Geoffrey Colvin in Fortune Magazine

lack of alignment

Gain Control

create alignment
The Line-of-Sight assessment:

  • Contains 29 questions that can be completed in about 9 minutes
  • Keeps employee responses confidential, leading to results you can trust
  • Produces a crisp report that provides thought-provoking revelations
  • Identifies actionable tasks that will deliver significant improvement

Your Options

The are three levels to choose from:

  1. Individual: an assessment you can take for your own personal benefit
  2. Team: a consolidated version of the assessment for your department of 8 to 19 people
  3. Enterprise: something for everyone in an organization that reports the results by categories you select

Each option in four steps:

  1. Request access to our survey that will take you about 9 minutes to complete
  2. Respond to each statement using our unique “confidence based” rating scale
  3. Receive your report that will guide you to areas with misalignment
  4. Commit to action and begin improving the areas where you have the most influence
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Read “What is Line-of-Sight?”

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