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This no-charge Lean Assessment is a brief (about 10 minutes) online survey designed to help organizations evaluate how they measure up against the ideals of a sustainable organization.

The assessment questions cover:

  • Leadership
  • Knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Alignment
  • Results

Your score will provide insight into how your organization compares in terms of the critical cultural aspects of sustainable organizations.

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Lean Assessment
Lean Cultural Transformation Assessment

Who Can Benefit

This assessment is designed for:

  • Owners and executives of any organization
  • Executives responsible for lean transformation programs
  • Executive coaches responsible for bringing new ideas to their clients
  • Program directors responsible for implementing strategic initiatives
  • Employees of any organization seeking a lean transformation
  • You!

Click here to take the assessment right now.

Gain Insights

This assessment leverages research and analysis from our team at Transformance Advisors.

Our findings reveal that the the following four ingredients are key indicators of successful lean transformations:

  • Methodology: Lean is defined as the systematic elimination of waste. A critical aspect is the systematic approach defined by the five principles of lean (specify value, identify value streams, create flow, leverage pull, and seek perfection) and inherent in the techniques found in the lean tool box.
  • Measurement: While research identifies creating a sustainable lean organization as the top priority, the second priority is having the ability to measure the cultural transformation. It is important to measure both the improvements in your value streams and the cultural changes within your organization.
  • Community: The power of a community is the ability to share best practices and drive the development of new techniques. There is great opportunity to learn from other organizations that have addressed similar challenges and then “give back” by helping others.
  • Coaching: There is no need for anyone to recreate the wheel. It’s best to leverage the experience or internal and external resources with the skills and experience you need. In addition, educational programs, assessment tools, and program management templates are all available to speed the process and increase return on investment.

This assessment is designed to help measure the cultural transformation. We recommend that an organization have all employees, or a random sample, take this assessment every year. The results should then be used when you step back to reflect upon your progress and identify areas where you need to focus.

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“Measuring the cultural transformation through employee surveys is a brilliant aspect of the lean transformation program from Transformance Advisors.” – Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director, Boulder County Independent Business Alliance

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