Guest Contributor – Mike Stickler, Founder and President of Empowered Performance, LLC

Dominance is the KEY!

Many of you have heard me say that being competitive was a waste of time. I have explained that statement by adding:

“being competitive means that your customers still have a choice, and it may be to do business with your competitor rather than you.”

Dominance means the choice is obvious.

Dominance means the choice is YOU!

dominate the competition

How Can I Dominate?

dominate the competition

OK, here you go:

  1. Your business model must be based on a culture that drives execution to excellence across the entire supply chain to allow for supply on demand.
  2. Your business model must foster process design that guarantees quality and reacts instantly to orders and allows your people to work naturally in teams.
  3. Your business model must allow direct communication from your customers to your people.
  4. Your business model must allow you to make money and be profitable on every product or service in your portfolio.
  5. Your business model must support the continuous development of the talented people in your company.
  6. Your business model must support continuous improvement through aggressive daily problem solving.
  7. Your business model must have performance measurements that tell your people instantly when a problem occurs so that corrective action can be initiated.
  8. Your business model can’t allow you to become complacent. My good friend Nick Turk often says, “Success breeds arrogance, arrogance breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure.” He is absolutely right!

How many of these can you check off for your company?

Guest Contributor – Mike Stickler

Mike is “The Professional Provoker” and is the Founder and President of Empowered Performance, LLC a worldwide management education and consulting firm.

Mike has extensive international experience working with companies of varied sizes and industries helping them implement strategies to attain World-Class levels of performance. He has developed expertise in “Enterprise Excellence”, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management (ERP/SCM), Lean (Toyota Production System), Team Building and Problem Solving, Six Sigma and Reengineering Business Processes. He is considered an expert in helping companies develop and implement Strategic Business Units and fast response customer service production units.

Mike can be reached at: Mike Stickler.

mike stickler empowered performance

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