We are a team of dedicated professionals helping others create their own sustainable organizations.


Our Balanced Scorecard

By practicing what we preach, a balanced scorecard approach provides the means to articulate our 5 year vision in terms of four critical areas:

  1. Clients
  2. Value streams
  3. Team members
  4. Financial performance



In 5 years:

We provide premium quality services to clients seeking to create sustainable organizations.

Most of our clients are based in the United States, but we also serve selective international organizations.

Value Streams


In 5 years:

Our services adjust to market conditions and we continue to invest in and emphasize our core competencies:

  • Lean transformation
  • Strategy execution
  • Supply chain management

Team Members

In 5 years:

We are 10 professionals and have a network of partners and resources that help us meet the needs of our clients.

All core employees participate in a stock ownership plan, have a balanced lifestyle, and earn what they need in terms of base, incentives, and bonus.

Our company and employees do not over-commit to making money and maintain the ability to “give back” to our community of stakeholders.

best team lean transformation strategy execution supply chain management

Financial Performance

In 5 years:

We earn $3 million a year in revenue with a demonstrated record of stable growth and a strong balance sheet.

But the spirit of our financial performance is reflected in the quote: “At the end of the day, you want to be profitable, but that’s not the meaning of life.” by Daniel Lamarre, CEO for Cirque du Soleil

financial performance




mission statement


core values